Fashion Show June 27, 2016 13:22


Producing shows is and always will be my first love! From theatre to television, I have learned from some of the best. I can create a vision from music to clothing. So it is no surprise when I was asked to partake in LIZ ROSA's VIP night at the Waterfall Building in Vancouver, I jumped at the opportunity to present a sneak peak into my fall presentation. It was a last minute decision, but well worth it.

I was so pleased to create these ball gowns using remnants and present my most treasured pieces of onyx jewelry. It was also an incredible gift to have Suzka share the stage with her fascinating violin mixed with music.  The models Laura and Sheena were amazing with the mini choreography of the dance of Eaglecrowz.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Patrick Warburton from the sitcoms Rules of Engagement & Seinfeld pictured here with his sons and the ladies Sheena, Suzka and Laura. It was a wonderful time and gave me some insight for my fall show!! ~ de Brillon

ARTIFAAX Studio in Langley April 11, 2016 17:55

My new studio in Langley is coming along great! It is inspiring me so much because it gives me the opportunity to create limited one of a kind pieces and showcase them. It also allows me to take special appointments for people wanting unique and custom pieces tailored especially to them.

I have a select sample collection of evening and day wear exclusive to Artifaax.  I am so pleased to be working with a master tailor Mia who is only a few blocks from the studio and can nip and tuck your piece to fit perfectly.  I also have a selection of  up cycled clothing that is adorned with new embroidery or reshaped into unique pieces. We also have a wonderful selection of gemstone jewelry and acrylics that can also be tailored to fit you exclusively.

During the next few months, I hope to host select weekends for an open house. Stay tuned and if you would like to be invited for these special weekends and receive a gift certificate to shop please send us your email information and we will put you on our select list and send a special gift code number for that weekend to receive a discount. 

Once again thank you for your continued support and please check our site often for new jewelry and clothing. ~ de Brillon