ARTIFAAX Studio in Langley April 11, 2016 17:55

My new studio in Langley is coming along great! It is inspiring me so much because it gives me the opportunity to create limited one of a kind pieces and showcase them. It also allows me to take special appointments for people wanting unique and custom pieces tailored especially to them.

I have a select sample collection of evening and day wear exclusive to Artifaax.  I am so pleased to be working with a master tailor Mia who is only a few blocks from the studio and can nip and tuck your piece to fit perfectly.  I also have a selection of  up cycled clothing that is adorned with new embroidery or reshaped into unique pieces. We also have a wonderful selection of gemstone jewelry and acrylics that can also be tailored to fit you exclusively.

During the next few months, I hope to host select weekends for an open house. Stay tuned and if you would like to be invited for these special weekends and receive a gift certificate to shop please send us your email information and we will put you on our select list and send a special gift code number for that weekend to receive a discount. 

Once again thank you for your continued support and please check our site often for new jewelry and clothing. ~ de Brillon