Artifaax Acrylics

As a designer, I have always wanted to present designs that are innovative yet classic. I was proudly the first designer to create custom earrings and pendants from discarded acrylic using designs I had purchased from Heber Reece and my brother John Brillon.  I would go to Granville Island and pick up the discarded pieces from architects. That may have been back in 1996?! A long time ago. Since then, I have had great success with these pieces. So in the next year, I am taking my Acrylic line and recreating some of the classics and adding a new selection of pieces. I will also have a beautiful selection of hand assembled .925 silver chains that are unique, stylish and best of all affordable. Here’s my first new piece ... a chunky silver bracelet! And of course for the Holiday festivities some of the classic Artifaax Acrylics. Please contact for more information.