Artifaax is a company that has always strived to be kinder to the environment by creating fashion from remnant fabrics and eco-friendly bamboos and cottons. From the beginning, we have sourced out and used remnant Kanata blanket ends and lately, Pendleton wool cuts to create pieces that are not relegated into a season but simply as 'warm' or 'cooler' clothing. Even our acrylic jewelry was born out using scrap acrylic from architects. We take much pride in our gemstone jewelry as each piece is crafted carefully and with much consideration of the energy they hold.  "I believe we still have much to learn in the business of fashion when it comes to sustainability but with every design and product we continue to search for ways to create lasting 'regalia'. Our forefathers took nothing for granted and nor should we." says creator Denise Brillon designer/operator of Artifaax.com. She adds with a smile, "We are always looking for ways to make the old new again."