Papoose T shirt

Papoose T shirt

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Unique Artifaax embroidery t shirt in bamboo material with fringe.

-limited edition special embroidery 

-each embroidery has over 30,000 stitches

-some t shirts have embroidery on the sleeves and some are laced with material  

-all t shirts unique and slightly different in sleeves and side 

-fringed details 

-hand dyed pink 

-sample sizing only/small -small medium 

- bamboo material soft and some mix of Cotton on some garments.

-wash in cold water by hand (Embroidery and fringe are susceptible to damage and shrinkage from agitating in machine wash.)  

-exchanges only. Product must be in same condition as item was at the time of shipping. Buyer must return within 7 days and pay return shipping.